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Precautions for Traditional Chinese Medicine:

1. Do not come for acupuncture on an empty stomach to prevent lightheadedness. Symptoms of lightheadedness may include palpitations, dizziness, and sweating.

2. During the treatment, relax your emotions, close your eyes to rest, speak less, and avoid unnecessary body movements to prevent needle bending, dislocation, or stagnation.

3. If there is slight local bleeding or bruising after acupuncture or cupping, you can gently press the area with a sterile cotton swab for 1-2 minutes to promote the absorption of the bruise. Generally, it will resolve on its own without any special treatment. If symptoms persist, apply ice locally for 2 days, then switch to warm compresses on the 3rd day to promote blood circulation.

4. Avoid exposure to cold drafts or air conditioning immediately after acupuncture to prevent exacerbation of symptoms due to sweating and catching a cold.

5. Do not take a bath immediately after acupuncture or cupping, wait at least 2 hours to prevent infection at the needle site.

6. If localized redness or itching occurs after cupping, refrain from scratching. Usually, it will dissipate on its own within a few hours or days.

7. If the skin develops blisters due to prolonged cupping, generally, no specific treatment is needed. If the blister is large, it can be punctured with a sterilized needle to drain the fluid, followed by applying an ointment.

"I understand that any treatment given will be explained to me, and I have the right to seek clarification, ask questions, or stop the treatment at any time. I agree to grant access to my clinical notes to any practitioners in this clinic who are involved in my care. If there are any concerns or objections, please let me know. I have read and understood the above information and hereby give my consent to the treatment."